Digitally Transform your Construction Company though

Quality Management

WORQ helps orgs do better quality work everytime

Simple to setup and use digital Inspection Test Plans (ITP) that will deliver quality improvements fast. You link your Inspection Test Plans to your manuals, easily measure that your procedures are being followed and rapidly change the templates as you learn where improvements are needed.

Don’t take our word for it.

“I encourage any agency or company, with workers who build, repair or install anything, to consider WORQ to assist in improving their operations.” ~Evoenergy

Digital Workflows

Digitise any workflow in minutes
  • Follow procedures on site.
  • Dynamic form data capture send data to the right system>
  • Automatically create issues, or escalate high risk activities for approval.
  • Receive approvals rapidly, minimising delays and ensuring appropriate command structure is followed.
  • Asset commissioning, inspections, skill assessments, audits all of your utilities workflows are in scope, as are you corporate workflows.

Health and Safety

Prevention not cure

Embed Safety into all your work practices

Instantly create digital compliant Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) and simplify Job Risk Assessments (JRA) on site.

  • Create site specific JRA’s.
  • Embed controls into all your procedures, ensuring work is performed safely by the field staff for every job.
  • Utilise real-time safety tracking across all your projects.

Don’t rely on audit and inspection to uncover safety issues, Stop them happening at all.

Improve Productivity

Reduce defects with clear, relevant, contextual instructions

mprove Productivity

  • Fully user driven procedure creation.
  • Develop as many SOP’s as you need.
  • Can be super simple, or highly complex.
  • Edit SOP’s as often as you need. Complete flexibility without any IT input.

Send all the information to the site worker.

  • Link any manual, rules or legislation to the job or task being performed.
  • Use text/images or both.
  • Ensure every worker knows exactly what do, for any task.

Eliminate mistakes with clear, relevant, contextual instructions