Seamlessly use WORQ with a wide range of enterprise software with our best-in-class integration services 

Seamlessly integrate with the tools you already use to improve existing workflows, with no code!

Integrations have never been easier or cheaper to implement.

Enterprise integrations

We are an enterprise platform and that means integrating with your core systems. We currently integrate with CityWorks, Dynamics 365 and the Common Data Services, Simpro and Power Automate. Power Automate opens up 100’s of integrations, as a source or destination.

No Code ever

We use an intuitive mapping interface that allows you to map a template you have designed to an entity in another system. This is done by simple mapping, identifying triggers and the use of intuitive excel like formulas.


WORQ API’s allows you to pull your data if you wish to integrate yourself. It is usually easier to use our no code integration platform, however the option is there if required.