Introducing the WORQ module that will help you manage and meet your Australian standard for the hygienic production and transportation of meat and meat products for human consumption requirements.

The WORQ module has templates that can be configured by your organisation, allow for the planning, customisation, and undertaking of audits surrounding the hygienic production and transportation of meat and meat products for human consumption.

The primary goal is to only see the audit requirements needed to complete your audit, answer accurately, and provide clear acceptance criteria for questions, that ensure objective and consistent audits, removing the guess work ensuring maximum efficiency. This can be achieved by removing paper audits providing automation for processes surrounding some of the admin tasks that would be required.

Lets take a look of how this translates in the product.

This allows you to select only the areas that are the target of the audit or the capabilities that your site has.  This all filters down into the audit, showing and hiding the relevant content, and applying the rules that apply.

This is one of the sections of the audit that includes the preconditions from the parent template and hides irrelevant questions.

This is one of the sections of that shows the way that questions can be answered. If the policy isn’t met there must be a reason provided as well as the ability to upload evidence through images and / or files.

The manuals feature allows for the addition of references to the standards relevant to the question that is being answered.  This has all been done for your, and allows auditors and inspectors to refer back to the standards that that apply to the specific audit requirement, simply by click a button.

This is a Workspace, a higher-level view of planned audits. This allows for a view all in one place of all the open relevant audit plans and ensures that management of these features can be achieved.

This is the table that the auditor would see, given the ability to see each section of the audits that need to be undertaken and what progress has currently been made on them. This can also be broken up and assigned to multiple auditors if required, through the assign feature.

It doesn’t stop there, you can configure your own templates very easily to meet your own work practices.  Additional capabilities that will help you manage your compliance and audits include

  • Managing Remediation Activities
  • Easily outsourcing part or all of the Audit to a subcontractor
  • Built-in or Custom Reporting
  • Easily extend out your auditing workflows, and manage libraries of data in WORQ
  • Capture any forms data you need and define your own templates quickly and easily.